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Government of India is dealing with a major concern on the issue of health care services being faced in various sectors of society. Career Point University organized an expert lecture on Saturday, 25th march, entailing the advancements in innovations and technology in the field of health science. The distinguished speaker of the session, Dr. Don Yansen has landed all over from Harvard University, US, to enlighten the students about the issues and solutions to health care. In his valuable session Dr. Don said that, “Mobile phones can be used to diagnose and cure various diseases effectively and efficiently with the help of application development in IT sector.” He also said that, “Government of various countries now days are increasing their economic budget for health care.” He encouraged the young minds to put their vital efforts into this field to bring out the sense of equality regarding health services in Indian society. Dr. Trupti Desai, who also joined Dr. Don in the session, informed that Jodhpur School of Public Health is going to establish various Public health courses at Career Point University starting from the next academic session.