Career Point University has organised a two day ingenious science exhibition on 18-19 November, 2016. Different departments of engineering, science & technology have presented various innovative models in the exhibition.  The Career Point University provides every year a platform to the students to explore their ideas in innovative and creative way. The entire exhibition was held under the guidance of Mr. Pankaj Chawla , Head of Electrical Department of Career Point University . He added that students of various departments have shown their active participations in showing their technical knowledge by creating innovative and interesting projects in the exhibition.

Every group of students was strictly analysed and examined by two panels, one each day. It included faculties from inter department, comprising three examiners in each panel.

A huge amount of students participated from Electrical department, where 52 projects were demonstrated by a total of 141 students. Harsha Babani and Lokesh Nagar, from seventh semester Electrical department, had made quite an intellectual project on Transient stability enhancement in multi machine ac-dc power system using Fuzzy-logic controller which detects many faults in power transmission & distribution  in industries  by simulation in MATLAB . While, the other project that caught up every panel member’s eye was given by third semester students, Mayank Malav, Rohit nagar, Rishab Goyal who presented Bridge Toll Plaza which is based on AVR programming system.

Computer science department got 53 projects which were given by 113 students from the department. Some of the most attractive of which included Custom web browser presented by Chandrakanth for applications like quiz, browser which disable functionalities like refresh, back & forward by using Java programming, another one was given by a fifth semester student, Harsh Kumar who displayed Bluetooth: trusted devices which is a automatic window security system. In addition to this, Abdul Quazir,Himank  Mahehshwari & Murtaza  from third semester displayed a logic operation  and shift micro operations using C++ language .

From Mechanical Department total 54 projects were presented and displayed. Seventh semester students, Mayur Pancholi, Jitendra Gouchar and Chetan kumar had made Weight Bridge Machine worth Rs.5000, this live project is useful and beneficial for industrial purpose. From fifth semester Mechanical department, a Water Boiler was made by Chasdrashekar, Abhishek Chauhan and Dheeeraj Mishra, which is economical and eco-friendly project in welfare of social life. Along with the above mentioned constructive projects of the exhibition, third semester students, Suparna Banerjee and Parth Sharma made a Solar Grass Cutter which was a small and compact device moreover, easy to handle.

The civil department had presented 53 projects in the exhibition which were presented by 143 participants.  The Seventh semester students, Shina Khan &Mohammed Saqlain presented Portable Building System which is a modular transported building with floors & rooms. Fifth semester students Anand Kumar, Saurabh Rajput and Shubham Kumar created an innovative stone column encasements which displayed different types of encasements at reasonable costs. From third semester, Anemic Banerjee, Sanjay singh and Vivek kumar Sharma had made Automatic Car Parking System which is based on hydraulic system.

A very active participation was seen from the Polytechnic students too who had presented various working models which were fully automatic and operated as Conservation of momentum, Robotic   Electric Arm& Fock- lift machine.

Department of Computer application which comprises of courses as BCA and MCA had also displayed various appreciable, logical as well as innovative projects as detailed analysis and descriptive presentation of various Hard disk drives, AP Agency system, created variety of websites, airlines management system in C++, Event management system in VB, among which the most interesting project was presented by Rishabh Mehra who created a website on poems and raps of his own.

Similarly 24 different projects were successfully created and shown by B. Tech 1st year students. Agriculture department had also delivered a very enthusiastic input in showing their familiarity and awareness about their field.

The motive of conducting Science Exhibition at Career Point university, is to encourage the students from all the departments and courses to use their knowledge with intelligence for creating a practical output and that is how getting aware of various new technologies in the market. Such activities are conducted to boost up the intellectual passion of students and motivate them to be more involved and vigorous in their career.