Forensic Science is the application of science to criminal and civil laws, mainly on the criminal side during criminal investigation, as governed by the legal standards of admissible evidence and criminal procedure. “Dead Men tells no tales, until you are in Forensic”, is a quote which defines the role of Forensic in dealing with the cases related to crime.

A seminar on “Role of Forensic Science in Judiciary” was conducted by Career Point University on Sunday, 23rd Oct, 2016 .

The eminent speakers for the session were Mr Dani Karna, Forensic Scientist, IFIRD who shared the platform with Mr Kedar Lal Gupta, District and Session Court Judge along with Mr Pramod Kumar Sharma, Rajasthan State Legal Service Authority, who inaugurated the seminar by lighting the lamp.

Mr Om Maheshwari, the Director of Career Point University, addressed the audience with his idea of establishing and improving the knowledge of law students by providing them such platform to grasp some really useful facets of Forensics through the honorable and experienced speakers from different streams. Mrs Vijaya Tiwari, HOD, Career Point Law College, extended a welcome note to all the distinguished panel members, faculties and students gracing them with appreciation and thankfulness for their exuberant participation in the seminar.

The seminar included five Technical sessions in which the distinguished speakers expressed their views and knowledge about the role of forensic science in solving criminal cases like robbery, kidnap, rapes, suicide, homicidal etc. Mr Dani Karma stretched light on the fact that with the increasing advancements in technology, it has become very easy for criminals to commit the crime and get rid of the proofs. But Forensic science is the key to unlock the crime, no matter how clever the criminal be.

Every advancement has a loophole and negative aspect along with its benefits i.e. where there is innovation; it comes with both benefits and demerits.

Mr Sanjay Sharma extended his thoughts about the rising cases of scams due to e-commerce which leads to cyber crime. He gave an example of the national bank SBI which recently blocked 65 lakhs ATM cards of its users due to the threat of data getting hacked. He said that awareness to Information security and cyber crime is very important and necessary in today’s world. One must keep changing his pin number of ATM and passwords of Net-banking timely and not to disclose the details of account telephonically as it is unsafe and not trustworthy. While using e-banking via any public cyber cafe, one should always use the virtual keyboard of PC.

Social websites like Facebook, Instagram and many other applications on android mobile phones etc., should also be used keeping security concerns in mind.

The seminar continued with many interesting and thought provoking features about cyber scene management and Medico Legal aspect of Forensic Science. All the audiences were highly captivated with every session being delivered by various remarkable speakers.

Mr Harshit Bhutani accomplished the seminar by conveying a hearty thanks to all the people who presented their experiences and knowledge and everyone who was present and got enriched with the same. He cherished the active participation by saying that such integral knowledge and information must be in notice to the common people too along with the youth.