Mathematics is an art well understood when well exercised. It is an elementary base for all the subjects from various streams. To enrich the interest of students in the field of mathematics, a one day workshop was being organized successfully at Career Point University where an expert session was delivered by the eminent speaker Dr Harish Nagar, from Sangam University.

This proficient session was witnessed by all the first year students of University from different courses and departments. Dr Nagar very efficiently kept the students captivated with his variety of contents that he covered in the session which started with a humorous video depicting a little child who was afraid of mathematics as he was growing up and then got motivated by the thought “brain works as much we exercise it”. Moving forward with the session, he explained the basics of Vedic Mathematics and different techniques which are used to solve the regular mathematics. He introduced the students with many short and tricky methods for solving the problems.

In the second part of the workshop, Dr Nagar taught some new tools and techniques to develop the derivations and matrices by using fingers and solve the trigonometric equations and problems easily.

He encouraged the students not to fear from mathematics but develop an interest in it. Mathematics is easier if you start playing it as a game with an intention to win the hurdles in the form of problems. He motivated the students to practice more and keep revising the methods and contents in order to learn the subject efficiently.