Fresher’s Party for Newcomers

Career Point University has organized the Fresher’s Party for students of 2016 Batch which clearly personated an exuberant welcome for the new students belonging to different courses.

It was an evening filled with zealous faces all around. All the seniors who were excited to throw a memorable and joyous party for their juniors while on the other hand were the new students who were eager to relish the grand welcome organized for them. The whole function included a saga of events comprising a lot of overwhelming performances by all the students.

It started with a welcome song “Deva ShriGanesha..”bySunnyVyas, which mesmerized the crowd as a beginning. Major attraction of the party was to get a glance of the new faces participating in the Mr& Miss Fresher competition. Respected Faculties from various departments judged the participants on the basis of three rounds which included-
The WalkShow your TalentQuestion & answer round.

Each of the participantsshowed theirwalk on ramp in four groups withdifferent themes as The Corporate World, Indo-Western, Traditional and Funky casuals. After which all the judges gave their comments and marks to students on the basis of their Posture, confidence and stage presence which lead to the selection of another lot of participants who were forwarded to the next round. Meanwhile, there weregroup dance performances by various 2ndyear students. Solo acts including some fascinating singing performances by SanchitSrivastava on “Pichlesaatdino se..” from Rock on and there were other beautiful songs being performed by students.

A drama act was performed on the theme “The College Life” which captivated the audience who enjoyed the humor it delivered with sequence of situational songs related to the script and idea of what is the life of a student from classroom to friendships.
In the continuation of all such fascinating events held the second round of competition in which the next level participants showed their variety of talents on stage covering Dance performances, singing, Speech, Drama and mimicry etc. After which six candidates were finalized for last round of the competition.

The group dance performances included a fusion of Bollywood tracks along with a stunning Street dance performance.
The anchors of the evening captured everyone’s attention by their Hum-Tum conversations moreover giving so funny and difficult tongue twisters to the audiences present.
Proceeding towards the end of the finale round of Mr& Miss Fresher competition where there were questions being asked to each of the six finalists individually by six different judges from diversified fields. The panel of questions was related to some real life situations, socialism, importance of futuristic approach and hypothetical scenarios. Candidates were evaluated on the basis of their impressive approach towards the situation that was being given or the question being asked to them. Each of the six were analyzed and assessed by board of judges and finally the most deserving students were being affirmed as Mr. Salik Khan & Ms. Sukhdeep Kaur declared Mr Fresher Miss Fresher of the Genesis’16, Career Point University. In the end students enjoyed their dinner followed by DJ night event.