CPU conducted Kota Startup Community Meet

First time in Kota, Career Point University has conducted a talk show and discussion under the aegis of Kota Community Meet. The objective was to motivate the skilled manpower towards startup culture and to develop an ecosystem for entrepreneurship. The eminent speakers of the event were Mr. Pankaj Kankariya, Director Scale Ventures, Mr. Pramod Maheshwari, CMD & CEO Career Point Ltd and Bhargavi Rathi Digital Manager, Rikvik Singapore.

As a keynote speaker of the event Mr. Pankaj Kakariya described the startup ecosystem in detail and also addressed the pros and cons of the same. He said that the success of any startup is dependant on the team, speed and scalability of the idea that means how fast with optimum investment you can scale the business.  Think big, think fast and think ahead are the buzz words as ideas are no ones monopoly.

He said that before investing in any startup fund house generally check the team and scalability of the idea as a part of feasibility study. New startups should also see that whether the investor is doing any value addition or not. The investor should be value investor not just fund investor.

In case of Risk Management he has given the example of Flipkart and Paytm that their promoters burned hands in two-three ventures before this and then at last become successful. He correlated risk with reward that big risk obviously leads to big returns. The theory is same high risk, high return. No one is failure if he is adding solid experience the moment you stop getting experience or learning you become failure. You earn revenue or an experience if this is the case then you are not a failure.

Ms. Bhargavi Rathi has explained the utility of digital marketing particularly social media to promote the business. She said that today digital marketing is the cheapest and simplest way to reach new customers. She described the importance of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc in various business models.

Career Point’s CMD and CEO Mr. Pramod Maheshwari said that Freshers must do a course related to business or business management and should enhance their knowledge and skills. He said that any idea may be good, excellent or unique. If it is a god or excellent idea then one should work on that but in case of unique idea must see the pros and cons and acceptability. The chances of rejection are high in case of unique idea due to extremely out of reach or thought.

At last Mr. Maheshwari has given the vote of thanks and ended with an optimist note of launch of any international startup from Kota very soon.