Students learnt English Vocabulary through Bollywood Songs

Pre-foundation Division of Career Point, well-known for its ground-breaking initiatives and activities in the field of education, organized Vocabolly on the evening of July 6, 2016 to teach students and adults English vocabulary through Bollywood songs. English vocabulary is tested in all kinds of national and international exams like CAT, GRE, SAT, PSAT, CLAT etc. A large vocabulary is said to be the key to success in academics as well as in life.

Hundreds of students and their parents flocked into the Career Point Auditorium to learn vocabulary through Bollywood songs and went back with a sense of great satisfaction at discovering such an easy way of acquiring word power. The vocabulary trainer, Dr Dinesh Nagpal associated the words with Bollywood songs. He made the students sing ‘’Main vagabond hu’’ instead of ‘’Main awara hu’’,  ‘’gal dulcet dulcet bol ras kanon vich ghol’’ instead of ‘’gal mitthi mitthi bol ras kanon vich ghol’’ and many others like this. It is remarkable how fun-filled he made the vocabulary acquisition.

Mr Nilesh Gupta, the Head of Pre-foundation Division of Career Point said, ‘’Words are power for cracking competitive exams as well as in life. Great revolutions were brought about by the power of words. Words have the power of life and death in them. But learning vocabulary is considered a Herculean task and remembering them is considered a Gordian knot. In order to encourage the students pull off this Herculean task and unfasten this Gordian knot, we organized Vocabolly in which they learnt scores of words in just two hours and they will remember these words now because of their association with Bollywood songs.‘’