In recently declared results of JEE Advanced, AIIMS and JEE Main, Career Point students have performed outstandingly well with a total of 956 selections in JEE– Advanced , 123 selections in AIIMS and more than 3000 students secured rank in top 25000 AIR in JEE Main.  In JEE Advanced Career Point student Shubham Singh secured AIR 89, Abhishek Saini secured AIR 106, Uddeshya Patel secured AIR 111, Govind Chaudhary secured AIR 132 in category and Raghukul Raman secured AIR 134.  6 students secured a rank in top 500 and 19 in top 1000 in General category; 17 students secured a rank in top 500 and 30 students secured a rank in top 1000 in OBC.

In AIIMS 2016 Career Point students outshine with flying colors as they secured 3 ranks in top 50 as AIR 4 Het Shah, AIR 14 Sanjeev Kumar Shukla and AIR 49 Jayant Mehta. Apart from this Ajay Meena secured AIR 3 in ST category.

In JEE Main CPians captured AIR 38 and AIR 70 by Sanchit Shrivastava and Adarsh Kr. Sahu respectively in top 100 general category. 9 students captured rank in top 500 and 19 in top 1000. Moreover in OBC there are 4 Ranks in top 100, AIR 25 Akshay Kumawat, AIR 26 Akhil Kataria, AIR 86 Aneet Kumar and AIR 94 Jitendra Singh. 16 students captured rank in top 500 and 34 in top 1000 in OBC. In other category 6 students captured rank in top 100, AIR 14 Sushil Kr. Dhanka, AIR 59 Anup Das, AIR 66 Rajkumar Meena, AIR 72 Mukul Verma, AIR 83 Aksha Choudhary, AIR 90 Mahesh C Meena.

Career Point’s CMD Mr. Pramod Maheshwari said that the credit of success goes to the hard work of the students and the academic system of Career Point, where we as a team take utmost care of the student in terms of academic delivery and personal attention. Career Point’s Academic Director Mr. Shailendra Maheshwari said that if a student follows the guidelines of the coaching institution and study as per systematic plan then his chances of getting selected enhanced by 25%. Further he said it is required for a student to compete with himself and try to improve his performance gradually without getting into undue pressure or stress. Students need to accept the situation and keep moving that is the key to success. He said experienced and highly qualified team, best study material, logical system and personal attention are the key factors of success at Career Point.