“If you are young and talented you have wings”-Haruki Murakami

The three days of excitement, masti and cultural extravaganza at city’s tech cradle, Career Point University, Kota is going to began on 25th feb. 2016. IMMIX is a significant cultural event that reaches beyond CPU campus to include the whole community. This annual festival IMMIX is not particularly a special opportunity for CPU students but also for the whole lot city to showcase their talent. It’s the culmination of all clubs and co-curricular activities in the University, Professionals, Students and others come under one roof for a national reach, recognition and acceptance.  Immix objectifies to let your creative horse unleash beyond age bars.

It’s not the yield of week’s toil but the preparation begins months before. Zillions of ideas were laid down to finally come up with this year’s theme i.e. “The Youth Reincarnation”.

As the essence of IMMIX lies in the integartion of diverse elements  which drives among the youth and is termed as a celebration of creativity and intellectualism on a college level. IMMIX formulated from  I AM MIX with a pretention to mix folks in all the colors of joy,enjoyment ,learning.Immix’16 team has come up with something new on the plate which includes 16 frames,Vogue,Corporata,Food Fiesta ,Campus Princess and lot more to serve . This year IMMIX is also introduced with some adventurous  events like treasure hunt, 4*4 soccer and various other games  and formal events like corporate, debate, ad- mad show etc.

A press conference was held regarding IMMIX ’16 to acquaint every possible person with this cultural fest on 23rd Feb. 2016. The focus was to give a gist to our network.

The student organizers Mohit Dadhich and Aditya Singhvi told media that this season we are having new league of events and participants, we have set benchmark and standards  for the city. Every year we are growing and working hard to bring city something new.We have gone an extra edge this time for the promotional activities .Kotaites witnessed the first Flash Mob  Dance ever in city which our students performed at Kishor Sagar Talab with  the message of unity and Immix also promotes the same. Along with the whole city our University students ran not only for the heart but also for the unity and oneness. We are promoting Unity, this time.

We will hold all the shades of colors to go extra mile this season. “Pronite” is something completely new  and  different we have in our sack.