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Career Point has tied up up with TCS-iON in the field of online test prep and jointly launched JEE-Main Online Mock Test Series. TCS-ION conducts JEE-Main and various other government online exams in India. The students will get the actual exam interface before the final exam on which they have to take the final exam.

Career Point’s, CMD Mr. Pramod Maheshwari said that ” JEE Mock Test would certainly make the candidate feel the real pressure of JEE exam before taking the actual exam. We are conducting the test on similar software, and using similar seating patterns as used in actual JEE Main exam. The students will get the ins and outs of the software and the platform in comparison to any other online test series, this will reduce their exam fear and pressure at the right time.  Moreover students will get the personalized 24 pages report which help them to understand the conceptual clarity and also enhances their speed and accuracy.

Career Point and TCS-ION has jointly launched JEE-Main, AIIMS and BITSAT Mock test series. This test series will be conducted on 6th, 20th and 26th March at Career Point’s Kota and Jaipur centre for which student can register on Career Point’s website.

Students appearing for JEE Main 2016 – both Pen-Paper and Online exam – can benefit by JEE Mock test series’ comprehensive, personalized analysis providing indicative improvement areas and conceptual strengths & weaknesses analysis.

Features of the test report are:

  1. Time Management
    1. Evaluate the time taken for each of the three sections and breakdown for each question therein
    2. Suggests the optimum time you should actually devote for each subject in order to manage the total time of 180 minutes to effectively attempt the main exam
  2. Peer Comparison
    1. Benchmarks student’s performance in relation to the other test takers of the simulated exam
    2. Highlights the units and concepts wherein you lagged or excelled in comparison to the toppers of the exam
  1. Error Identification and Rectification
    1. Indentifies the type of error (concept mistake , calculation mistake, incorrect formula application, incorrect elimination and others) a student has made for the incorrect responses in the exam
    2. Suggests how one can rectify and avoid committing similar errors in future and select the correct response from the four options in the quickest possible time
  1. Responses by difficulty level:
    1. Asses student’s performance and time taken across three level of question categorization: difficult, medium and easy
    2. Highlights student’ s strengths as well as the areas where he need to improve across the three question types to score maximum
  1. Conceptual Strengths and improvement Areas
    1. Analyses student’s preparedness for each subject (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) at a unit, concept and topic level

Recommends the expected level of preparedness, in a given month for each subject / topic and guides a student on improvement areas