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Felicitation of Class X toppers – 10 CGPA students

Career Point has organized an event with the name “UDAAN 2015” for the felicitation of class 10th students who have secured 10 CGPA, A1 Grades in all subjects. The students of 21 schools of Kota have participated in the event and more than 250 students have been felicitated. The program has started with the Lighting of the lamp and Saraswati vandana by students of Career Point Gurukul. The students have been arranged and called in group of alphabets and each group has been given a positive adjective like A stands for Amazing, B for Brilliant, C for Candid, D for Dashing and so on till Y, the last letter Young. Students of Global Public School and Career Point Gurukul, Shreya, Sur Shree, Harshal, Navdeep Singh, Sankalp, Jatin, Yeesha, Suman, Anamika, Charles, Happy, Priya, Karishma, Pawan, Shubham, Tanuj, Surbhi, Vikranta, Ishika and Varsha have performed various cultural programs like Group Dance, Solo Song and Medley.

On this occasion Career Point’s Academic Director, Mr. Shailendra Maheshwari said that, there are times when we try to find out what success is and how it is achieved? There is no set pattern and formula for success but this is sure that if you follow three basic characteristics you will definitely get success in life. These three factors are Positive attitude, Hard work and Love what you do. He has given examples from Edison’s biography and stated that this is the result of strong positive attitude and hard work of Edison that he got success in discovery of a bulb, despite being failed 1000 times. Edison has not deviated from his path and conquered negativity to achieve his goal despite several failures that means he was positive and faithful towards his work. This love and enthusiasm of him towards his work ultimately leads to a grand success that the entire world is admiring.