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Career Point has organized seminar on “Coach for success” at CP Auditorium on 14th October, Sunday. Experts from Prajapita Brahmkumari University, Mt. Abu expressed their views on what should be the characteristics of an idea coach. Career Point Directors Mr. Om Maheshwari and Mr. Shailendra Maheshwari honored the guests with bouquet and shawl.  Brahmkumari Sister Ritu Thakkar, who is a Management Graduate and pursuing higher studies in Psyco-Neurobics, said there there are four basics of successful coaching:

  1. TRUST: the coach should develop the trust in his pupils so that he can easily follow instructions of his coach.
  2. APPRECIATION: the coach should appreciate his pupil’s each achievements so as to make him more motivated and enthusiastic towards his goal.
  3. PRAISE PROGRESS: coach should praise progress of students.
  4. REDIRECT: Teacher should have the capabilities to redirect his students to the path of success if the pupil going out of the way.

During the session Sister Ritu used audio visual clips to make the session more interesting and informative.

Sister Gita who is a Senior Rajyoga Teacher said the real success is in being balanced in every situation. One should keep his/ her thoughts and action balanced in happiness or in sorrow.